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The Tapping Room
Coaching with Emotional Freedom Techniques
Tash Alexander
Advanced Level III EFT Practitioner
 Anxiety Specialist 
benefiting clients internationally
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Meet Tash Alexander

Emotional Freedom Techniques Coach

Tash Alexander is an accomplished Practitioner and Coach, working in both the private and corporate domains. Tash is the Director of “The Tapping Room” specialising in anxiety relief, stress, pain, trauma and burnout, achieving tangible, long-term results using evidence-based Emotional Freedom Techniques (Tapping).

Tash is a workshop facilitator, an educator, a mentor to other Practitioners and coach in stress management and communication, working with individuals, teams and companies.

As a Healthcare Professional for over 25 years, she appreciates the impact of stress on the body and uses Tapping to organise and calm the mind, transform the body’s response to stress and take the emotional triggers out of issues and events. Both virtually and face-to-face, by utilising EFT and mindfulness techniques, Tash is able to improve mental and physical health and wellbeing.

Meet Tash
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What is EFT?

Coaching with EFT

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What is EFT?

EFT is Emotional Freedom Techniques. It is also referred to as Tapping because you are literally tapping on acupressure points on your own face and top half of the body. Using clinical evidence-based EFT, we send calming signals to the stress centre of the brain while you are exposing the issue with words. This neutralises the underlying emotion, impacting on your beliefs and the negative memories. Therefore tapping has the power to change your trauma, anxiety, depression and PTSD symptoms. Tapping is equally effective via Zoom or face to face.

Tapping Points
Anxiety, Depression,
 & Trauma

2019 research demonstrates that 12 hours of EFT:​

  • reduces anxiety by 40%

  • depression by 35%

  • reduces pain by 57%

With trauma, it's important to go gently, so your brain can adjust to the new changes.   

EFT can improve your feelings about past traumas & beliefs about yourself. This leaves you feeling calm, with less fear, resentment and overwhelm. 

Inner Child Work

A powerful healing technique!

This is where  the client identifies when as a child, they needed support and didn’t receive it, or when a traumatic event was experienced. Through visualisation, that child is then invited to participate in 3-way tapping.

As I gently guide the tapping, the client  relays questions and answers between myself and their inner child. The client then can offer their younger self kindness and resources to heal.

This approach allows for gentleness and deep healing so the child no longer feels traumatised or burdened with unwanted emotions. 

The benefits to the adult client are powerful.

Some of the benefits of EFT:

  • Rapid, long lasting  results 

  • It is gentle 

  • No side effects 

  • No needles 

  • No surgical procedures 

  • No pills or chemicals 

  • No drawn out ‘Tell me your life story’ 

  • Easily learned by anyone 

  • Easily applied to yourself

  • Just as effective online 



I booked my appointment with Tash to experience EFT tapping recently. I arrived at her practice thinking I really didn't have anything to discuss and walked out after the session in absolute amazement of how much we had uncovered and I finally dealt with the grief and shame I felt after losing my father to cancer. This grief has been buried deep underneath all my "busy work and personal life". Tash is professional, confidential and non-judgmental. Tash's experience is incredible and I cannot recommend her enough.

— Angela Martin



Initial Appointment
Up to 75 mins 

*  Via Zoom or Face-to-Face
*  Gain an understanding of what EFT is and how it works
* Experience the immediate  benefits of 1:1 coaching
*  Experience EFT and how it calms your nervous system & rewires your mind
*  Reduce the physical symptoms in your body
*  Set goals for success
*  Hear about the latest research
Employee Assistance  Program
Give employees the benefits of EFT through my EAP (Employee Assistance Program). Completely confidential consultations to increase productivity, plus reduce stress and sick leave.
Workshops for your staff are also available, learning the self-management technique, to transform your workplace from a negative environment to a place of improved teamwork, resilience and productivity.
Calm Your Farm.jpg
Calm Your Farm
A community workshop in EFT

In this 6 hour workshop, Accredited EFT Practitioner, Giselle Pitt and myself guide you through EFT- the self-management technique. You will be taught the technique and get many opportunities to practice. With ongoing support and resources, you are set-up for success.

Calm your nervous system

& reclaim your life from anxiety.

Talk to me about how

EFT-Tapping can benefit you
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EFTi Mentoring
60 minutes 

*  Via Zoom or Face-to-Face
*  Receive tangible results in a mentoring session with Tash as she guides you with the right questions and has extensive knowledge in both start-up business solutions and EFT.
Tash specialises in anxiety, pain and trauma, plus designing and facilitating workshops. Tash works in both the private and corporate sector.

Contact Details


0477 386 478

Coffs Coast Wellbeing Centre

89 West High St

Coffs Harbour 2450

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