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EFT for Sports Performance

Updated: Jun 13, 2019

Athletes are very good at expecting more out of their bodies and pushing themselves to improve their performance. The goal posts are continually moving. It is a well-known fact that the main barrier to better performance is the mental part of the game. All athletes have a comfort zone. It’s a place they expect their performance to be at. It’s where they feel they belong. For example, it’s an approximate time a racer expects to complete their race in, a golfer expects they’ll go round in or a basketballer gets a certain number of shots. This number may reflect their goal, but it is limited by what the athlete thinks is reasonable and it still lies in their area of comfort. In this area the athlete’s body isn’t under extreme stress, their brain isn’t full of negative self-talk and they know what it feels like occasionally be with these feelings. To improve performance, a coach or athlete may focus their training on an area of weakness, but what they discover is the body or mind subconsciously self-sabotages other areas of their performance to keep them in their comfort zone. Training can only get you so far. As an EFT Practitioner, my job is to expand your comfort zone, where you achieve your goals and have improved performance, where your mind and body don’t work against you. Together we uncover specific events underlying your less than optimal performance levels and use EFT to dissolve these barriers. Applying EFT to performance issues is both simple and highly effective and the great thing is, the results are easily seen by yourself and others. #EFTPractitioner #Tapping #SportsPerformance

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